I was born in Denver, Colorado when pay phones were considered new technology. You could actually call someone at their home from a booth right on the sidewalk a few feet from traffic! Later Ma Bell installed the same technology right in the front of convenience stores. Now you could call someone while sucking down a Slurpee! However, this was before clearly the greatest invention of recent memory - the widemouth Slurpee straw enabling countless thousands immediate access to brain freeze. 

This invention benefited mankind far more than my birth… so far.

My parents came straight off the farm to the newly-created suburb of Northglenn, Colorado. Boy did they have a steep and difficult learning curve in suburbia where their two kids could get in all sorts of trouble without them ever knowing. Sometimes they found out and punishment was handed out accordingly. This could be an entire book someday.

After my first 22 years of life being in Colorado - skiing again? the Rockies… again? - I moved to Los Angeles. Boy did a white suburban kid have a steep learning curve living in downtown LA where it was encouraged to keep your feet up inside a movie theater as rats weren't that picky about what was on the screen. I lived amongst 'heathens' - artists, photographers, musicians, inventors and fashionistas - working at a fashion publication house. Fast and fascinating, yes. However, job growth opportunities weren't there for a young man with an associates degree in advertising from an art school.

Back to school. Pasadena City College for a year then on to the University of California. Not UCLA, but Davis, an agriculture school steeped in a good half-decade of design tradition just west of Sacramento. A ton of trips to my now-favorite American city San Francisco and to frequently see a friend in Berkeley were a necessity. Boy did an older student have a lot to learn about radicals - and did - and enjoyed it immensely.

I left after two years with a bachelor of science degree in design. Not anything specific, just design. What to do. Hello? What? Excuse me? Northwestern? You want to what? Recruit me to come to Chicago to get a Master of Science degree in Advertising at the Medill School of Journalism?

Why not. A year of intensive effort and I got that dang degree, only to land in the job market right in the middle of a recession. Boy did a white suburban kid steeped in Western United States culture have a steep learning curve taking temp jobs in the City of BS (Big Shoulders and Bullshit). Chicago, you slapped me around a bit, embraced me, and got me.

27 years have rock-skipped on a frozen pond right by me. 20 years running an ad agency as a creative director/media planner/bon vivant through 2 marriages (not at the same time), 2 divorces (would have been more convenient at the same time), 2 children-now-gasp-adults, 3 houses, deaths, taxes and a lot more to learn.

Enjoy the writing, photos and musings if you desire. Buy if you want. Find me if you must.

copperwrite@gmail.com works best.