This little ole website is a collection of works created by, in one way or another, me. Now there are a couple items on the site that are collaborations and noted as such, but 95% of the work comes straight (or on a long twisty curving path) from my head.

Photos are from various places across the country, and a few are from other countries - such as the home page welcome photo which is from the south of France.

Long Fiction and Short Stories are a collaboration of my right and left hemispheres, with some help from other sources to make my writing a bit more palatable. It's not for everyone. What my friends like my family may not and visa-versa. For the Long Fiction, you can go straight to my page by clicking not here, but here right on my name Rick Copper.

Blogging is like most of my life - somewhat haphazard. I'm not one to stick to a rigid schedule. Tried it. Forced it to work. Hated it.

Want to see me? I do perform on occasion. Stand-up and storytelling for the most part with a little improv thrown in here and there. Just check the schedule. Thanks.